• オーナーシェフ 中道 博
  • シェフ 今 智行
  •  蒲地 健
  • 小倉 善一
オーナーシェフ 中道 博
A diligent, hard worker with strong leadership to bring staff members together. Many of his staff have worked with him for more than twenty years, which is an exceptional case in the cooking industry. He is devoted to passing on his skills and philosophies to the next generation of the hospitality industry.
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シェフ 今 智行
Under the tutelage of Hiroshi Nakamichi, his progress has been steady and fast. He always works diligently, accurately and tirelessly. He is a chef who perfectly meets the demands of Moliere, the flagship restaurant of Lapan Foods.
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蒲地 健
お客様に「美味しく、そして楽しい」ひと時を過ごしていただく、そのことに心を砕き、そして喜びを見出す。彼がサ ービスするテーブルからはいつもお客様の笑顔がこぼれる。技術よりもハートでサービスするサービス人、そのためかお客様の笑顔は国籍を問わない。ワインにとどまらず珈琲・紅茶・カクテルなど飲料全般の経験も持ち、レストラン全体のディレクター的存在を目指す。
Mr. Kamachi takes pleasure in devoting himself to bringing patrons“delicious food and enjoyment.”At whatever table he serves, you will never fail to see the smiles of patrons. He is a worker who serves from the heart rather than just from training. Because of this, he satisfies patrons of all nationalities. With his broad experience in serving not only wine but also coffee, tea and cocktails, he aims to be a guiding presence at our restaurant.
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小倉 善一
人当たりの柔らかさで、お客さんを包み込む。モリエールの雰囲気が楽しそうな会話でにぎわうのも、人を緊張させない彼のサービスの力が大きい。つかず離れ ず。必要な時にふっとタイミング良く声をかける。そんな自然なサービスがモットーだ。
His soft and kind attitude works miracles when he serves each table. His warm personality makes customers relax and enjoy their time with good food and conversation. His service motto is“never in the way and never out of the way.”
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